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Syntax maven plugin reference

The following parameters can be entered through the configuration.

Configuration Argument Required Description
<sourceFile> Yes Describes the source file to be used. The extension is usually .sy.
<outputFile> Yes This is the specification of the file to be generated. Add the extension.
<includeFile> No When not provided and external include is desired, the include file name will be changed.
<reportFile> No The report file is a txt file with the results of the analysis of the grammar, and its results, together with a summary.
<language> No If omitted, java is assumed. Valid values are C, java, pascal so far.
<algorithm> No when omitted, lalr is assumed. Valid values are slr, lalr so far.
<externalInclude> No Decide if a file with extenal definitions is desired. Not valid for java.
<verbose> No Produces additional display output.
<debug> No Produces parser phase output.
<emitLine> No For C, do you want #line statements pointing to the .sy file?
<packed> No Default to tabular. Valid values are packed, tabular. Use tabular for a clearer parser table. Not recommended for large grammars.
<driver> No Default to parser. Valid values are parser, scanner