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jaimegarza.com | Tiny Girl #1

Book Worm Bot
photo under creative commons license, courtesy of Jenn and Tony’s Bot at flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ittybittiesforyou/

In the New World there is a man, never the same, depends who looks at him.  He is strong and weak, thin and fat, tall, but always short. You see, he never did grow so much, because if he did, little girls could not see him in the eye, and everyone could see him in the eye.

In the New World there is a chair, small and quiet, where all creatures could finally sit, one by one, or all at the same time, just for fun, but sitting they would.  Little girls get their own chairs, but they sit in the common chair all the same. Some girl, some tiny girl, smaller than the rest, would jump to climb on it, and stand on it when sitting was not enough, just to try to see the little man in the eye.

In that New World there is an orange sun, and a yellow one.  Well, there is also a blue one and a white one, but little girls like orange and yellow, and so they were those colorful suns, high above the chair.  If you look carefully at the little girls’ eyes, one sun could be seen in each of their many eyes, because you should know that little girls had as many eyes and smiles as they want.  Little girls are as beautiful as they want, and eyes and smiles are beautiful, so they have aplenty around, and they have them on any color they would ever want.  The tiny girl only had two eyes the day she came, and she just did not know where to get more smiles.

In the New World there is kicking and sucking and loving and hoping.  Little girls love and care for tiny girls, and little girls get new incoming girls their first smiles, and their first sunny eyes. The little man would look at them in the eye, or may I say, in the eyes, which is not an easy feat because those eyes are just all around, and sometimes they like to hide them just for fun.  But the tiny girl was easy.  Her eyes, and her smiles are tiny, and right there, in her face and her hands.

Tiny girl in the New World arrived not long ago in a multi-sunny day, and her smile was like a new red sun, but a tiny one.  And her two eyes were tiny, and her tiny sucking thumb, and her tiny cheeks, and her tiny little kicking feet were brown like the loving dirt of the bright New World.

Little Man, the one of the New World, the strong and weak, the fat and slim, the tall one, but always small, saw the tiny girl the day she stood in the chair, and came to see her in the eye.  Tiny girl realized that Little man was tiny, so she climbed down, found her tiny chair, in a tiny breezy lawn, and walked to it holding tiny man’s hand, and sat with him in his lap where she put her new sunny eyes and new sunny smiles.  They laughed and laughed.  They remembered the dark, and the water, and the songs from the outside, and the dancing, and above all that heart and that omnipresent hand.  They remember the dogs barking, and father, and voices, and the transparent light.  They played horse on his knees, and finally sat in calm, and sat forever talking of dirt, bronze dancers, pink princesses, shinny wedding rings, and something called sweets for the smile.

Tiny princess, and tiny King sat to wait, sat smiling, hand in hand.  He told her of stories of the New World, and of the arrival of old princesses with beautiful brown smiles, and brown eyes, and shinning beyond the suns in so called Galaxies and very far, such that they had never seen in the New World.  Tiny princess is waiting, tiny girl waits in calm, for that caring little girl with the beating heart that will bring her a new smile, the little girl with name of the Stars.

Dedicated to my little star girl, my daughter, and my tiny girl, my grand daughter, who has grown to only 15 pounds after almost two years of age.

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